About Us

InvitoHealth is a small, trusted news organization that reports on coverage across the entire health spectrum of health, mental health, medical conditions, and medicine. We cover significant scientific research, conference findings, and announcements that we think will directly affect people’s lives and that is actionable. Our reporters are longtime healthcare journalists. We take health and mental health news seriously and only report on peer-reviewed, scientific research and conferences.

We are proud of our independent journalistic integrity, because we report on the news making headlines in medicine and mental health with impartiality and objectivity. Our clinical news comes from reporters with combined decades’ worth of journalist experience in reading and disseminating scientific research studies. We will always try and put research findings into context, to inform our readers about where the new findings fit into the totality of the research on that topic. Because we believe that context is as important as new data.

For that reason, we limit our reporting on animal studies. While animal studies sometimes have utility when replicated in humans, too often these studies aren’t followed-up in human studies — or their findings are never confirmed. Our journalists always make the reader aware when reporting on an animal study and its limited clinical utility.

InvitoHealth’s mission is to do our part to make healthcare better for everyone, by helping to create better-informed, more aware individuals involved in their own healthcare — as well as the health and mental health professionals who serve them. Our investigative and research teams work to shine a light on what’s happening in all of the latest research in health and mental health conditions. InvitoHealth has been reporting on scientific studies in health and mental health since 2008.

InvitoHealth is dedicated to helping patients become empowered patients, through more accurate, timely information and news.

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Our editorial staff is headed by:

David Harris, MA

Kim Merrit
Editorial Manager

Paul Sietes, MD
Medical Reviewer

Rick Naurert, PhD
Senior Health Reporter

Additional health reporters and journalists are listed in each article’s byline, with author information provided at the end of each article. We based in Massachusetts.

Questions or concerns? Write to us at: [email protected]