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August 7th, 2021

New Study Shows Dietary Flavanols Can Reverse Age-Related Memory Decline

August 5th, 2021

New Genetic Test Can Assess Alzheimer’s Risk

August 3rd, 2021

Many Older Adults Fear Dementia But Few Discuss Prevention With MD

July 17th, 2021

2nd Generation Dementia Patients Diagnosed Earlier Than Parents

July 16th, 2021

High-Intensity Exercise Can Boost Memory

July 14th, 2021

Feeling Older Ups Risk of Hospitalization

July 3rd, 2021

Scientists Manipulate Brain Activity to Boost Confidence

July 2nd, 2021

Mouse Study: Canola Oil Linked to Weight Gain, Memory Decline in Alzheimer’s

June 28th, 2021

Depression May Speed Up Brain Aging

June 26th, 2021

Self-Reported Fitness Level May Predict Risk of Dementia

June 25th, 2021

Cognitive Training Shown to Boost Brain Power in Older Adults

June 19th, 2021

Unawareness of Memory Problems Is Predictor of Alzheimer’s

June 15th, 2021

Telemedicine Speech Therapy Helps People with Dementia

June 10th, 2021

Heavy Snoring, Sleep Apnea Linked to Earlier Memory Decline

June 9th, 2021

Untreated Diabetes Tied to Faster Dementia Progression

June 1st, 2021

Caregivers of Dementia Patients Are Losing Sleep

May 24th, 2021

Healthy Lifestyle May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk

May 22nd, 2021

TeleSupport Helps Reduce Caregiver Stress

May 14th, 2021

How Mini-Strokes May Contribute to Dementia

May 13th, 2021

Finnish Study: In Elders, Strength Tied to Better Cognition