Health news articles about Anxiety.

February 14th, 2022

Physical Abuse in Childhood Increases Adult Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes

February 10th, 2022

Rare Genetic Illness May Shed Light on Role of Hormones in Autism, Anxiety

February 9th, 2022

PTSD Linked to Gender-Specific Immune Activity

February 7th, 2022

Victims of Sexual Assault Face More Risk of Mental Disorders

January 29th, 2022

Intensive Outpatient Program Shown to Ease Vets’ PTSD Symptoms

January 24th, 2022

Spouses of Heart Attack Patients More Prone to Depression, Anxiety and Suicide

January 20th, 2022

Dreams Help Heal Painful Memories

January 18th, 2022

PTSD Can Be Rough on Partners of Vets, 1st Responders

January 7th, 2022

Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases Linked to Early Death in Victims

January 4th, 2022

Brain Imaging Shows How LSD Alters Perception

December 30th, 2021

For Veterans, Witnessing Suffering Can Mean Worse PTSD

December 28th, 2021

Memory Process More Complex Than Expected

December 26th, 2021

Traumatic Events Can Prompt Eating Disorders

December 23rd, 2021

Therapy Helps Kids Rebound from PTSD

December 4th, 2021

UK Study: Many Former ICU Patients Report Anxiety, Depression Months Later

December 4th, 2021

Prison Employees Face High Rates of PTSD

December 3rd, 2021

Rehab for Traumatized Youth Can Yield Mixed Results, All Are Better than Nothing

December 3rd, 2021

Complementary Therapy Helps Military Vets with PTSD

December 1st, 2021

Military Report Finds Strong Link between PTSD and Heart Disease

November 29th, 2021

Child Abuse, Later PTSD Show Distinctive Genetic Signature